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Who runs this site? What kind of website is this?

This is Datuk Christina Liew’s personal website. It is administered by her social media team with her input, and contains information about her background, her core principles, her social media and various charitable, social and political activities.

This personal website is intended to facilitate better engagement with members of the public and does not represent any other organization, ministry or corporation.

For information directly related to the service centers in her constituencies, various political parties, government policies or news portals, kindly refer to the specific links provided in the Useful Links section of the website.

I am really concerned about “fake news”. Is the information on this site accurate?

We take the “fake news” phenomenon very seriously. All of the information on this site have been fact-checked to the best of our ability and all representations are based on first-hand input or reputable news sources.

Where do I find out where I am supposed to vote?

Simply click on SPR Voters Details page and enter your NRIC number to find out where your voting session is.

I have never voted before. How do I get registered as a voter?

You may click on SPR Voter Registration page and follow the instructions there to facilitate your registration as a voter.

All other information on voting can be found on the Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya Malaysia website.

Can someone not from this constituency get help from Datuk Christina Liew?

We think every person with a genuine need deserves some help. Even though funding allocation is specific to each constituency, we will be happy to connect you to the right bodies who can assist you in the event we are unable to directly support you ourselves due to resource limitations. You may also research these organizations yourselves in our Useful Links.

I have an event which I would love for Datuk Christina to attend or officiate. How do I reach her with the invitation?

Be sure to contact us with the necessary information regarding the event! Datuk Christina is always happy to engage with her constituent barring any scheduling conflicts.

How do I contact your service center officers for help?

We respond to email, Whatsapp and phone calls. You may reach us at Api-Api website or Tawau Service Center Facebook Page with your enquiries.

Once you have contacted us with details of the matter, you will be given a reference number. Please quote the reference number when communicating with any officer in the future so that they can refer to your matter quickly.

Our services centers are open every day from 9am – 5pm except on Public Holidays.

How do I donate to your efforts?

You may contact us for a list of any current or future projects requiring public funding. For transparency and accountability, these activities are often posted on this website under “Activities” or “In the Pipeline”.

Please DO NOT give any money directly to any personnel related to Datuk Christina Liew unless this is done through properly vetted channels with documentation.

How do I apply to become a volunteer or intern?

We are always happy to take on volunteers and interns from time to time. Please note that these positions are not salaried but an allowance may be given depending on the kind of work you will be doing. They range from administrative work, to being out in the field distributing or coordinating aid, to graphic design and social media postings.

We believe in mentoring young people to take part in nation-building and social activism. Contact us if you are interested in these positions!

Covid 19 has affected my business and livelihood. Are there any current initiatives to assist people in this situation?

Our Food Aid distribution program in Api-Api is still ongoing. It will continue until the end of the Recovery MCO period which is slated for 31 December 2020. If you or your family members in Api-Api require food aid, please reach out to us.

This Food Aid program is state-wide so if you are not in the Api-Api area but require this support, we are happy to connect you with the representative in your constituency. Let’s stand together and have hope; this too shall pass.


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